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Nevadans are demanding change. From healthcare, education, and jobs to renewable energy, climate change and protecting our public lands, we are calling for our elected officials to deliver legislation that will provide people with solutions to the struggles they face daily. We are no longer willing to elect career politicians who don’t listen to our needs and advance their own agenda. I’m committed to listening to you, the people of our district. I will steadfastly support legislation that will help Nevadans today.

On Healthcare:

We believe healthcare is a human right. To realize this goal we must address the issues Nevadans face head on. Our current system is neither accessible nor affordable for everyone. The for profit incentive does not prioritize care for patients. If we don’t secure adequate healthcare for our communities’ most vulnerable we will fall short of healthcare being a human right. That is why I support STATE WIDE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE.

On Education: Reform in Education is not a new topic, and it’s heartbreaking that a solution hasn’t been implemented. There are two things that must be done concurrently. 1. Increase funding for education, 2. Ensure funding is distributed equally across Clark County School District. A child should not get a better education dependent on their zip code. Furthermore, it is imperative that teachers receive an adequate increase in their salaries.

We need more teachers, librarians, and school counselors. Equally, we need to implement programs that create pathways that enable Nevadans to pursue a career in education.  For example, working with our Community Colleges to create Student Teaching Programs that pay a living wage. We can investigate a “rolling PhD course” that includes a residency for school psychologists. We can also consider education debt forgiveness for Nevadans that go on to get their teaching degree or PhD and become educators or school psychiatrists.

On a Living Wage: Many people in our district live either at or below the poverty level. Too many parents are working 2 and 3 jobs just to make ends meet. Our world has changed and ‘making an honest’ living no longer guarantees that you can provide for your family’s basic needs. Legislation that will be voted on in the 2019 session that seeks to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next 5 years. I am committed ensuring that any increase meets a dignified standard of living for working families.

On Ending Homelessness: When people talk about ending homelessness, they often talk about the cost of potential solutions. Homelessness already costs us. There are proven solutions that dramatically reduce the cost of homelessness to our society that can be implemented. For an overview of a proven model for a holistic integrated system of care, watch this Ted Talks video: How much longer will we tolerate this treatment of over 9000 of our fellow Las Vegans? I will work with the Governor’s office and county services to develop and implement a program for homelessness based on a proven model that not only helps people who are homeless today but prevents Nevadans from becoming homeless tomorrow.

On Gun Reform:  There is no reason not to enforce Question 1 especially after the tragic events of 1 October, I stand firm on prohibiting the sale of assault weapons, and mandates for civilians to register all firearms with the city. Too many lives have been lost to gun violence for us not to take action in an effort to curb this growing epidemic. I am a #VeteranForGunReform because #EnoughIsEnough

On the Environment: I’m in favor of looking after the only planet we have. For me that means moving us away from our reliance on fossil fuels and developing our natural resources – sun and wind – into a viable export industry of renewable energy that will not only create jobs but sustain our communities. Nevada also need to work towards the agreements set out in the in the Paris Accord. Furthermore Public Lands will not be sold off to the highest bidder on our watch!

On Veterans: As a veteran myself, I am absolutely committed to supporting our veterans and the issues they face. Veteran homelessness needs to disappear, and we need a better transitional programs readying veterans for civilian life. We need to establish a permanent method to translate military service to college credits, and support Veteran entrepreneurs. I support expanding the Nevada Department of Veteran Services with Veteran coordinators who will implement a plan to raise awareness about services that are available to veterans and reduce the number of veterans who become homeless.

On Equal Human Rights: As a woman in a man’s world, I’ve experienced gender discrimination and wage disparity, so I support feminism as the inherent acceptance that what a woman brings to the table is equally as valuable as what a man brings to the table. So, I support a woman’s right to choose; I support funding planned parenthood; I support pay equity.

I find it incomprehensible that we are still not all treated as equals I promise that true equality will be at the foundation of every bill I propose or support, and I will oppose any legislation that seeks to marginalize or disenfranchise African Americans, Latinx, LGBTQIA, and Indigenous peoples.