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Friends & Neighbors,

As a Veteran I am dedicated to protecting our democracy and am committed to serving the American people. It is my goal to channel this passion into public service by representing Nevada State Assembly District 12.

We are running a 100% grassroots campaign because I believe that voters matter more than corporations, lobbyists, and special interests. The people of District 12 deserve to know they have a choice in making sure their voices are heard. Concerns about education, economic growth, universal healthcare, veteran homelessness, criminal justice reform, immigration, green energy, and pathways out of poverty will be heard and acted on.

Join us in the effort to create an equitable and sustainable future for ALL Nevadans!

If we haven’t already connected, please reach out and let me know what your concerns are, what changes you’d like to see, what solutions we need.

Gabrielle d’Ayr

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